Emerson Sensi™ Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat

Tap into home comfort with Sensi™ Touch Smart Thermostat, and remotely access, change or program your home temperature - any time, anywhere.
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Tap into home comfort with Sensi™ Touch Smart Thermostat, and remotely access, change or program your home temperature - any time, anywhere. With thoughtful design features like in-app installation instructions, HD touchscreen color display and smart home integration options, complete comfort control is right at your fingertips.



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Product Description Customer Service Phone Number Customer Service Email Wi-Fi Thermostats 1-888-605-7131 support@sensicomfort.com All other retail models 1-888-725-9797 white-rodgers.com HOW TO MAKE A WARRANTY CLAIM If You discover any warranty related issues after 30 days, or You have questions concerning Your Product or how to determine when service is needed, please contact the Manufacturers’Customer Service department per the table above. The following information must be provided as part of Your warranty claim: Your name, address, phone number, Your Product’s model number, and if necessary, upon request, written confirmation of the date shown on Your purchase receipt and the purchase price paid for the Product. Once we have received Your returned Product, we will determine, in our sole and absolute discretion, whether Your claim is covered by, or excluded from, this limited warranty. 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