How Small Toilet Tank Repairs Can Add Up to Big Water Savings

Published on: October 16, 2023

 How Small Toilet Tank Repairs Can Add Up to Big Water Savings

We heard through the grapevine that October is National Toilet Tank Repair Month. It’s probably another made-up internet holiday (sorry, Star Wars fans), and you definitely won’t find a greeting card for it. But now that we know it might exist, we couldn’t pass up the educational opportunity that this fake event presents.

Anybody who ever had to use a bucket of water to flush their toilet during a power outage has an idea of the surprising amount it takes to get the job done. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense® Program, old residential toilet models use as much as 6 gallons per flush (gpf) while commercial toilets gulp down 3 to 7 gallons.

Obviously, newer models that have the WaterSense label are more efficient, with residential and commercial versions both averaging 1.28 gpf. That’s awesome! But that’s still assuming there are no leaks, which can waste up to 180 gallons per week.

That’s where AM Conservation’s water-saving products can help ensure these new toilets live up to their potential. These are our top three picks:

Leak Detection Dye Tablets: Use these tablets to figure out if your pot has gone caput. Drop them into the tank, wait one minute, and check whether blue water appears in the bowl. If it does, then that means the flapper is damaged and needs replacement.

Adjustable Flapper: Flappers are inexpensive rubber parts that decay over time and accumulate minerals that break the seal between the tank and the bowl. Good thing they are easy to replace! WaterSense has this quick tutorial video that shows how.

Toilet Tank Bank: Save up to 80 ounces per flush! Just fill it with water, close the patented leak-proof, anti-evaporation lock, and hang it inside the tank. It works by displacing an amount of water equivalent to its volume. So, in a way, it tricks your tank into thinking it already has enough water to flush the toilet when really it’s just the bag. Sneaky!

Besides saving water and money, these products are super easy to install and use; no plumbing school required. Best of all, they don’t affect toilet performance. Want to see more products like these? Check out our website!