Online Stores for Energy & Water Products

Interested in setting up an online store where your customers can purchase water- and energy-efficiency products directly from your utility? You're in the right place.

We make the entire utility e-commerce process simple by walking you through the options, setting up the back end, adding and updating products, promoting the store and more. You enjoy the increased savings and satisfaction, resulting from more engaged customers.

Why are online stores beneficial for utilities?

Providing your customers with an online store is beneficial to both your utility and your customers. It allows customers to make energy- and water-saving purchases without ever leaving home. An e-commerce store positions your utility as a trusted resource for your customers, building a relationship that extends beyond their monthly bill payment.

Online stores are the perfect place to promote program participation.

Imagine if a customer added a smart thermostat to their cart, and then immediately received information on how to save money by signing up for your demand response program. It’s quick, easy and hyper-targeted. And the best part? We do all the heavy lifting.

Why are online stores beneficial for utilities?
Why work with AM Conservation?

Why work with AM Conservation?

We’ve got the capabilities to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end experience for your utility. No middleman, no shady outsourcing and no confusion. We source the products ourselves, store them in our warehouses, and ship them directly to your customers.

We handle the entire online store process, from web development to marketing.

That means less points of contact for your utility and a more convenient experience for your customers. It also allows us to keep products competitively priced, encouraging your customers to make repeat purchases at your store.

Here's what to expect when we Power Your Online Store

  • Fast and Pain-Free Setup

    Fast and Pain-Free Setup

    We leverage an advanced, enterprise-level technology platform to get your site up and running quickly and at a low cost. From there, we utilize our sister company Franklin Energy’s Customer Engagement platform to host marketplace extensions that seamlessly integrate with your store. That means less technology barriers and increased customization for your unique needs.

  • State of the Art Logistics

    State-of-the-Art Logistics

    Never worry about inventory or shipping issues again. We’re the only online store vendor in the market to offer in-house pick-and-pack warehouse capabilities, which means no hassle with third-party vendors. Our sophisticated warehouse technology is tied directly into our online store platform for inventory accuracy at all times.

  • Custom Validation

    Custom Validation

    Your online store is meant to be serving your customers, not the entire state. With our custom segmentation and validation processes, you can have peace of mind that your store is serving your customers—and only your customers.

  • Factory-Direct Pricing

    Factory-Direct Pricing

    One of the most significant advantages you’ll experience when working with our online stores is our buying power and strong distributer relationships. This means you get the best possible prices on products that are proven to perform well in online stores. And competitive pricing on popular products is a recipe for success.

Here's what to expect when we Power Your Online Store

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