'Tis the Season: Movers Edition

Author: Tia Randolph, AM Conservation Marketing Team Member, Published on: June 21, 2024

 'Tis the Season: Movers Edition

Summertime brings warmer weather, longer days, and… vacation time! Time which many Americans use to move to a new place and last year, almost to the day, I was one of them. It hardly seems like a year has passed since my cross-country transition, but - not unlike the move itself - the anniversary snuck up on me. About this time last year, I had just concluded another typical workday and was procrastinating the majority of items on my moving “to-do- list” by placidly scrolling through emails -deleting some, flagging others, and reading almost none- when my phone rang. In a single call, I learned that, among other things, my plans to relocate from the Carolinas to the Midwest had been moved up by 5 months. I’d now have to be on the road in two weeks! I’d like to say I handled this rationally—with intrinsic, unruffled calm. After all, I’d moved many times prior, just never so spontaneously…

I did not. Several days of frantically cancelling utility plans, packing, and attempting to purchase a vehicle (a shiny red sedan with a better chance of making the 15-hour drive) saw me energy-sapped and pinching pennies. Inevitably, the new car fell through, the mattress I’d ordered direct to my new home was delivered to the wrong address, a pair of glasses was lost in the process, and I had no idea what awaited me at my new place. However, despite the effects of Murphy’s Law at work on my adventure, my trusty rusty braved the journey, I recalled that I did carry 2 years-old prescription glasses in the glovebox to -temporarily- replace the pair lost to the void…or a hotel in Kentucky. Most importantly, the T-Mobile router and wireless internet had been set up at the house, so all in all, even with the stress and the mess, I successfully made it to my new home.

Looking back, I wouldn’t trade the relocation for anything. The friends, opportunities, and family members it brought me closer to are worth every hair I pulled out- and every penny. Still, I can’t help but wonder how much smoother things could have gone if I’d been a bit more strategic in my planning. Short notice, cross-country moves…or any moves, really, can be tough, but with a little bit of organization, a solid plan, and a pinch of time, anyone can make prepping for a summertime move a snap- and save money in the process! Here are some tips and tricks I wish I had known before undertaking my Midwest move-in:

1. Plan Ahead: An Organized Stint Saves (You) a Mint

Utility providers generally need a couple of days’ notice before you move in to ensure they have the house ready in time. Don’t get caught without running water or lights! Contact your new landlord, or utility provider ahead of time to avoid unpleasant surprises. Next, devise a strategy for moving day. Consider enlisting the help of friends and family to avoid relying on expensive professional movers as much as possible. You’ll be surprised by how much you can move without the help of moving companies –let's hear it for functional fitness. Regardless of vehicle size, many boxes can be arranged to fit into even the smallest sedans and hatchbacks.

2. Set up for Success! Make Your New Home Energy Efficient.

Even with a solid moving plan, your summertime move may greatly impact your wallet. Now’s a great opportunity to make simple swaps to utility-bill-lowering products and appliances—but you don’t have to sacrifice quality and comfort to save energy and money! Even the simplest of energy-saving touches makes a difference. For example, a shower head with TSV technology adds comfort and convenience to a showering routine by saving the hot water that typically runs down the drain while you’re waiting for hot water to arrive. In this way, it saves the hot water that's inadvertently used before you actually step in and begin showering. Installing a Niagara shower head delivers high pressure spray and warm soothing showers, all while reducing your monthly utility bills by saving water and energy. Does your moving van contain electronics and entertainment systems? Or maybe you work from a home office like me… either way, Advanced Power Strips and others – smart tools included in our movers’ conservation kits can improve your environment and save electricity while also making life easier for you.

3. Feng Shui Your Movers Fees Away: Declutter!

You know what they say: If it doesn’t spark joy, let it go…Otherwise, you’ll spend money transporting volumes of clutter that you didn’t know you still had. It may be hard to effectively declutter, but one benefit of moving to a new place is that it’s a fresh start. Celebrate the arrival of the new and pay homage to older, precious memories by taking the time to determine which items truly matter, and which have been saved for “one day” but can at last be let go.

Items in your “leave behind” pile can be smaller things like old knick-knacks or larger—think boxes of clothes, beat up furniture, or old tech. And did you know that decluttering can also be a money-making opportunity? Never underestimate the usefulness of online marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace in selling your things to the highest bidder. “One man’s trash is another…”- well, you know the rest. What may not be useful to you may just be the easiest way to earn a quick buck!

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Packaging Supplies

Still on step three? Hold it! Don’t throw away all of your old magazines and unread sport’s sections! Soft items can be used as lining or to wrap valuables. No need to purchase decompose-proof Styrofoam—old newspapers are a sufficient glassware defense force on their own. Not to mention guest linens, towels or clothing make for safe packing materials for breakables like kitchen items. This reduces not only clutter and cost of bubble wrap alternatives, but also decreases the number of boxes that need ferrying.

5. Do the Math! Don’t Let Your Moving Expenses Sneak up on You.

This tedious task is actually one of the most crucial on this list. Start a binder or folder where you can file all your moving estimates and moving-related paperwork. Having it on hand for reference may prevent you from surpassing your initial budget and remind you to cut costs whenever possible, leaving your bank account fuller, and ready for action in the event of an unexpected deviation from the plan.

For any of our utility partners reading, New Mover kits make wonderful "welcome home" gifts to your new residents. 

Happy moving season! Hopefully the application of these tips and tools will help make your move a seamless, stress-free experience and, like mine, may your tale of relocation result in a happy ending—as well as many happy beginnings.