ShowerStart® Express Shower Head

Get your shower hot up to 3X faster and stop empty showers from running on and on.
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Get your shower hot up to 3X faster and stop empty showers from running on and on. ShowerStart Express is the perfect shower head companion for eliminating long hot water waits and unintentional hot water waste. Installation is as easy as screwing in a lightbulb and you’ll save water, energy and lower utility bills without changing showerhead feel or flow. Want to save even more? Just add the H20 Collection Kit (sold separately). It conveniently routes the shower’s initial cold water to a container you provide. Now you can easily capture and repurpose it for other needs around your home - pets, plants, toilets, and laundry.


  • Fast Hot Water: Express Port clears residual cold water from plumbing lines fast so hot water arrives up to 3X faster
  • Great Feeling Showers: Works without changing shower head feel or flow
  • Saves Water, Energy & Lowers Bills: Can reduce hot water use while saving you money
  • Hot Shower Standby: Temperature Sensor auto-pauses flow to stop empty shower from running on and on if you're away when hot water arrives
  • Showerhead Spray Activation Lever: Press and step-in to begin showering
  • H2O Redirection Kit: Included accessory for routing Express Port's flow around shower caddies
  • H2O Collection Kit: Optional accessory (sold separately) for conveniently routing Express Port's flow to a container you provide


Chrome plated ABS
Unit Weight:
.25 lbs


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