ShowerStart® Express Tub Spout

Eliminates tub spout diverter leaks and speeds up hot water delivery
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Say hello to faster hot water and good-bye to tub spout diverter leaks.  

Get your hot water up to 3X faster and save up to 5 gallons per shower by installing this innovative, thermostatic tub spout in your bathroom. It works by first performing a high-speed purge of the shower’s initial cold water through the tub spout and then automatically redirecting hot water to the showerhead once it arrives. It’s a seamless and efficient showering experience that means no more hanging around to push, pull, or twist a tub spout diverter once hot water arrives and no more wasteful tubs pout diverter leaks while youre showering. 

Key Benefits


  • Fast Hot Water
    Speeds hot water delivery so your shower gets warm up to 3X faster. 
  • Eliminates Diverter Leaks - Saves Up To 5 Gallons Of Hot Water Per Shower  
    Thermostatic seal stops hot water from exiting tub spout while shower is running. 
  • Seamless Showering​ 
    Automatically diverts flow to showerhead when hot water arrives for hands-free shower warm-ups.
  • Reduces Flood Risk 
    Prevents unattended warm-ups from overflowing tub by reducing flow once hot water arrives. 


Chrome Polish


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