Conservation 101: Driving Student Engagement with Energy Education

Author: Sandra Cipriani, Manager of Curriculum Development, Published on: May 23, 2024

 Conservation 101: Driving Student Engagement with Energy Education

Efforts to improve conservation education should focus on not only what is taught, but also how it is taught. Whether in the classroom or online, teachers have the opportunity to develop lifelong energy conservation skills for their students. As an educator, you can empower your students to make a difference in their communities- beginning at home by sharing what they’ve learned with their families for generational change.

This is where AM Conservation can partner with utilities to make a difference. For decades, we have worked with utilities across the nation to develop education programs and materials for teachers, providing energy and water conservation products to students, which they then bring home to their families, driving energy saving behaviors at home. Our elementary school programs include LivingWise, EnergyWise, WaterWise, Outdoor WaterWise, along with various high school programs, and offer a unique blend of classroom materials and hands-on activities. These activities foster opportunities for parents and children to learn together while installing these products.

In addition to providing products and materials, our education outreach team works across time zones from Nevada to New Hampshire to provide ongoing support to teachers during enrollment and throughout the implementation of the programs. For the 2023-2024 school year, our programs have reached over 250,000 households nationwide. With active programs in over 13 states, our dedicated team ensures the timely delivery of educational materials and customized energy kits.

Education is a dynamic and competitive landscape that's always changing. And the evolution of education isn’t just focused on teaching—it encompasses integrating cutting-edge technologies, aligning with state standards, and maintaining student engagement. With a team like ours, built on a history of longevity and experience, we are dedicated to developing engaging classroom materials, finding innovative ways to engage more students with our programs, and pioneering efforts to elevate the energy literacy of tomorrow's leaders.