How to Keep Your Energy Resolutions in 2024

Published on: December 18, 2023

 How to Keep Your Energy Resolutions in 2024

The New Year is fast approaching. Have you made your resolutions yet? We’re not really wondering about your personal resolutions, although feel free to make as many as you want. We won’t tell if you fall off by the time St Patrick’s Day festivities come around.

Hey, no judgment here.

But we do care about your business resolutions. A recent US Department of Energy report indicates that electricity and natural gas consumption and related costs will continue rising in 2024. So, may we suggest resolving to implement more energy-efficient products into your strategy?

We even have tips for keeping this resolution. Read below for the best products to reach three key customer segments and help you meet your energy-saving goals.

Multifamily Customers

Water products are the easiest way for apartment dwellers and others in multifamily buildings to save energy and money. Property owners can install the devices before tenants even move in and reap savings for years. Evolve®Auto Diverting Tub Spout system, for example, can be used in apartments that already have energy efficient showerheads. The spout speeds up the delivery of hot water and then pauses the flow to a trickle until the user is ready to hop in the shower. Combine it with the Niagara Conservation Rainfall SpaTM showerhead to offer a luxurious shower session even at low pressures.

Small Business and Property Managers

Schools, restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and many other businesses might also feel the pinch of rising energy costs in 2024. Help them mitigate it with lighting that’s easy to use and maintain and cuts down electricity costs. Like a Simply Conserve Mini Wall Pack, which illuminates entryways, car ports, or stairwells. Boost energy-saving power by connecting multiple wall packs to the Simply Conserve Single Pole Wi-Fi Smart Switch. It works with a building’s existing 120V circuit and any Wi-Fi connection, so you can set up a schedule for front-office lights with just your phone.

Residential Customers

Homeowners would also benefit from a faucet aerator or efficient showerhead, but many of them also have yards. They’re counting down the days until they’ll be able to flex their green thumbs again. Help them be ready for spring with a Simply Conserve garden hose nozzle. Pressure-compensating technology allows it to provide lots of spray at every water pressure, so residents get the most out of their water days. Homeowners who live in townhomes, condos, or other places where they don’t have yards might appreciate a moisture meter. It gauges the moisture of soil at the root level to eliminate overwatering. Simply Conserve offers three models, including a ladybug and a frog.

Out of all the resolutions you make, we hope providing energy-efficient to customers is one you’ll keep, and that these tips are useful. And if you need a coach, or want to talk through entirely different energy resolutions, give us a call.