The Gift of Energy Savings

Published on: December 4, 2023

 The Gift of Energy Savings

Let’s face it, a lot of the presents we give each other for the holidays are often just plain junk. Whether it’s the influence of amped-up commercials or the pressure of buying for a relative you haven’t talked to in 12 months, some of us throw up our arms in frustration and end up gifting a $5 pair of check-out lane earbuds or a singing plastic fish.

But you can break this cycle and make gifts count for you and your customers. We put together a list of cool gadgets that are fun and easy to use, have multiple applications, and won’t break a budget. They can be given separately or grouped as a “smart home bundle.” And the best part is that they’ll save energy (and money), helping recipients feel festive all year.

Cool Gift #1: Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats make managing your home’s temperature easy. Many let you control them remotely from a mobile device and offers optimal temperature settings based on your schedule. Some, like the one pictured here from ecobee , uses occupancy sensors to accurately adjust the temperature based on whether you're home or away. Not to mention many smart thermostats are ENERGY STAR® certified

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Cool Gift #2: Smart Socket

The beauty of this Simply Conserve® Smart Socket is that anything you plug into it becomes smart, too. Use a mobile app to set timers to, for example, power up the holiday lights, or turn on your inflatable yard decorations. You can also connect it to Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant for easy voice control.

Cool Gift #3: Smart Light Bulb

Control the Simply Conserve A19 Smart Bulb from anywhere with a mobile device. You can change brightness or color to accommodate various activities, whether reading or cooking, group two or three bulbs together in the app to set up lighting schedules for entire rooms. Another perk, use this light bulb in any room of your home and you can adjust the color to match the other bulbs in the room, no need to worry about ordering the right brightness or color.

Cool Gift #4: Advanced Power Strip

With their large TVs, multiple speakers, sound bars, DVD players, and video game consoles, home entertainment systems are typically not super eco-friendly. But plug it all into this Simply Conserve 7-Outlet Advanced Power Strip and even the Lorax might approve. It uses advanced load-sensing technology to cut off power to connected devices while they’re not in use, drastically cutting down on wasted energy.

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