Customer Engagement Lessons from Domino's

It's Thursday, 4:30 p.m. My kids have practice, I'm nowhere near done with work, and Domino's just pushed me an ad about tonight's pizza sale. How did they know?

Rather than view it as an intrusion into my day, I'm relieved. Kind of delighted, even. I'm a proud New Yorker who lives near five pizza joints, but I'm ordering Domino's because their timing was right and their app is amazing.

There's a lesson here for utility companies. Shouldn't utilities be using the data they collect to alert customers when they have usage that's higher than normal? The kind that'll lead to bill shock in a few weeks and for which a program solution exists? For that matter, shouldn't utilities be using data to improve their customers' lives in all different kinds of ways?

The lessons we can learn from companies like Domino's are all around us—we just need to think outside the way things have always been done in our industry.