Four Seasons of Savings

Achieve recurring savings with a four seasons kit program, delivering customers a seasonal mix of products four times a year. Explore the seasons below for kit ideas, but remember — we can completely customize your program to fit any price point and any of your customers' unique needs.

seasons of savongs kit box





Rain Gauge

Niagara Conservation

Rain Gauge

A quick and accurate way to measure rainfall and adjust watering practices accordingly.

Looking for even more product options?

You can browse our entire catalog to see what’s available from Simply Conserve and Niagara Conservation. But if you want to go further, we can source almost any product from our extensive network of partner brands. We’ve included everything from smart thermostats to electric hot plates in previous kits — if you want it, we can make it happen!

woman holding kit box with contents showing
woman holding kit box with contents showing

Don’t limit energy and water savings to a single box of products.

With a four seasons program, your customers will be efficiently prepared for every weather condition they face. And because the program is completely customizable, we can tailor the products to your unique needs, like drought-busters or emergency preparedness products for hurricane season. The opportunities are endless! Choose your own products to meet any price point, select as many or as few seasons as you want, and let our in-house design team bring your vision to life with your branding on the box and kit insert. Before you know it, your customers will be ready for the heat, the snow, and everything in between—and they’ll have your utility to thank!