A Futuristic Look at Home Energy Savings

Author: Eric Wall, Published on: July 14, 2021

 A Futuristic Look at Home Energy Savings

One day in the not-too-distant future:

Good morning, Wadsworth.

Good morning sir, how did you sleep?

I slept well Wadsworth, thank you.

Very good sir, I will update your sleep settings. Please keep me informed if any adjustments are needed. Would you like to review your news stream highlights, sir?

No thank you, Wadsworth. I’m more concerned about my new car. Going electric was easy enough with the new charger but I thought I would save more. Am I missing something?

Sir, it appears there is a cheaper rate for customers with electric vehicles if you charge later in the evening. The car will still be ready for you in the morning, but we could lower the energy spend for travel by 20%. I can switch you over to the new rate and update the charger schedule accordingly.

That sounds great, Wadsworth. What do I need to do?

Nothing sir, I can make the adjustments with your authorization.

Yes, Watson, I authorize the change. Now, let’s check on the house budget.

Very good sir, your household budget is on track. Data is down 5%, which was offset by an increase in energy spend due to increased travel and weather. One item to note is that the hot water service has signaled it’s time for replacement. Projected maintenance costs and decreased efficiency are anticipated to exceed costs for a replacement.

This is the second time you’ve brought that up, Wadsworth. What are my options?

Sir, you have two choices. The traditional method is to work directly with a local provider. There are multiple services that provide recommendations of whom you could work with and we could contact several for pricing, compare offers and availability, and then schedule installation. Some, but not all, work with your utility to offer rebates as well.

The second option is that your utility is offering new-unit installation with a below-market price and instant rebate off the top. I have checked your calendar and found a block when you are home and they could have it installed. You have enough capital in the vacation fund to cover the investment, or we could leverage their low financing rate to keep Hawaii in this year’s budget. If I enroll you in their savers program that connects with the new unit, we will realize minimal impact to the budget.

That second option sounds much easier Wadsworth. I authorize the purchase. If that’s all it takes, I am off to a virtual tee time.

Enjoy your game, sir. Don’t forget to work on your grip. I will take care of things here.

You may have to wait a while for a fully integrated AI butler, but integrated marketplaces are now available from AM Conservation Group and Franklin Energy.