Make It Rain with Savings

Published on: November 6, 2023

 Make It Rain with Savings

Nothing removes the chill of a fall morning quite like a nice, hot shower. It’s one of life’s simplest pleasures, but it’s costly. According to the US EPA, the average shower uses 10 gallons of water, and just heating the water can eat up to 18% of a utility bill.

Lucky for us that technology has come a long way since 1992, when the federal government started regulating the gallons per minute (GPMs) showerheads can use. We no longer have to choose between comfort (wonderful but wasteful hot showers) and cost-effectiveness (the “low flow” showerheads of the past that left shampoo residue in your hair).

Today’s energy efficient showerheads deliver forceful streams and enough heat to melt the frost that formed on your toes as you padded down the hallway to the bathroom. So, there are plenty of models that you and your customers can use to save water and money. Below is a short guide to help you find them.

Look for the Label

The most important thing to look for is the EPA’s WaterSense® label. Showerheads that earned this badge perform at least 20% better than average products in each category, and an independent third party did research to back up its claims. 

So, how does a “20% better” showerhead perform? It must use no more than 2.0 GPM (gallons per minute) of water while also ensuring optimal spray force and spray coverage. Many models, though, exceed these standards, like those from AM Conservation®. The Tri-MaxTM fixed-mount showerhead, which features three settings for soaping, showering, and rinsing, gets down to 0.5 GPM. Customers looking for a more luxurious shower should check out the Earth® Luxe line. They have an adjustable 9-jet turbo massage spray, and models ranging from 1.25 to 1.75 GPM.

The secret to an efficient yet still enjoyable shower? Non-aerated designs reduce the energy needed to heat the water and pressure-compensated technology guarantees a consistent flow rate across a wide range of pressures.

Consider Customer Behavior

Another thing to account for when choosing an efficient showerhead is how people take showers. Innovative showerheads make up for unintentionally wasteful behavior. For example, how much water do you really need while lathering up? None, really. Niagara Conservation’s Earth® Pause showerhead has a built-in volume control valve that halts the flow as you soap up; just twist the knob to release the water and rinse off.

Many people also end up letting precious water — and money — run straight down the drain while they wait for a shower to heat. The ShowerStartTSV3® from Evolve Technologies solves the problem by sensing when the water reaches 98 degrees and then reducing the flow to a trickle. Customers can get as distracted as they want while brushing their teeth or picking out clothes. All they have to do is pull down on the attached cord to restart the water. Evolve kicks up the efficiency even further with the ShowerStartExpress, which actually heats water up to three times faster by clearing residual cold water from plumbing lines.

So, Hop In!

Thanks to engineering marvels like these, you don’t have to cut down on the quality of beloved chill-busting showers. The energy and cost savings will more than pay for the one-time purchase price. Want to learn more or order? Let’s discuss!